We are a new community group formed to help Danbury become sustainable for current and future generations.
We are now registered as a community benefit society. 

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The Challenge

In May 2020 the UK parliament declared a climate emergency, the UK government has signed up to the Paris agreement and has set a legally binding target for the UK to be carbon neutral by 2050 and then further committed in April this year to be three-quarters of the way there by 2035. Both Essex County Council and Chelmsford City Council have also declared a climate emergency.

What can we do in Danbury to play our part in achieving these objectives?

The Carbon footprint of Danbury is nearly twice the national average when measured on a per household basis so we have a longer journey than most to make. To help the village and its residents make the transition to a sustainable future a group of local residents have formed a new organisation called ‘Sustainable Danbury’. The group is made up of volunteers who have skills and know-how to help us all make this transition.

Aims of Sustainable Danbury

To provide a local source of information and inspiration to live more sustainably covering:
Improving the energy efficiency our homes through improved insulation and low carbon heating.
Promote re-use and recycling including improved repair.
Encourage sustainable lifestyle choices such as food and travel.
Promote wildlife conservation and enhancement across the village and also in our own gardens.
Promote local food production

We aim to run educational events and provide consolidated information via a website and regular news updates via social media.

Community Energy

The group is looking at potential local renewable energy projects such as solar panels on local schools and other buildings as well as other energy storage options. These would be funded via a Community Share offer as we are now registered as a Community Benefit Society (a type of Co-op) funded and controlled by local people with profits invested back into the community.

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