Grants for insulation and upgrades

There are a number of grants available to householders and landlords to upgrade insulation and heating controls in homes:

Sustainable Warmth Scheme

This grant is available through Essex County Council (ECC) and their partner Warmworks.  This is aimed at properties that are rated below EPC D (this rating is obtained when you get an Energy Performance Certificate - however if you do not have one for your home and your property has not been upgraded in the last 15-20 years then it is likely that you would be a D rating or below)

This grant is also targeted at households on low incomes (below £30,00pa) or receiving certain benefits.  However if your household income is above £30,000 you may still be able to qualify as you are able to deduct certain expenses such as mortgage payments.

This is a link to the ECC website which has lots of useful information to help you apply:

Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

This scheme (currently the 4th round of funding so called ECO4) is similar to the Sustainable Warmth Scheme but administered via your energy supplier.  Most suppliers are offering this support and you should contact your supplier to check whether you can receive funding.


This scheme will be launched in April 2023 and is aimed at middle income households who are not eligible for funding under the ECO4 scheme.  This is also managed via your energy supplier so you should contact them to get more information.  Many companies are now taking details ahead of the official launch.

This article from the Times gives lots of tips on these schemes:

Please also contact Sustainable Danbury for Free advice using our contact form at the bottom of this page.

Heat pumps - Boiler upgrades

In addition to upgrade to the fabric of your home there are grants available to switch to the latest heating technology - heat pumps.

Heat pumps are powered by electricity and so are the only heating technology that can be zero carbon in the near future.  The Electricity supply system is rapidly de-carbonising, with zero carbon sources providing over 50% of our electricity in 2022. The government has committed to the de-carbonisation of the grid by 2035. So every year your heat pump will be getting greener.  Already a heat pump produces a third of the carbon emissions compared to natural gas and a quarter when compared with heating oil.

Heat pumps are very efficient as they generate more heat energy than the electrical energy consumed (by a factor or 300%).  This is because they extract heat from the air (or ground) in a process that is similar to a refrigerator (but in reverse).  These systems are very common in many colder countries than the UK e.g. Norway and have been around for over 30 years.

The UK government is offering a £5000 grant towards the cost of installing a heat pump and more information is available here:

Energy Advice

Sustainable Danbury has received funding to carry out energy advice in the local area.  We will be holding clinics at various times throughout 2022 and also can provide individual advice by appointment either by phone, video call (Zoom) or face to face (see the contact form below).

We will be able to cover a range of topics such as:

Provide information about easy DIY home energy saving and how to keep your home affordably warm
Provide information on lowering the carbon consumption of your home and lifestyle in general
Checking to see if you are on the right contract and tariff and whether you might be able to save money by switching suppliers
Advice on how to access free or part-funded energy efficiency measures such as the Government Green Home grant funding
Support to access grants and the Warm Home Discount
Help with energy and water debts
Help with problem bills

This programme is being funded by UK Power Networks (our local Electricity Distribution System operator) administered via the Centre for Sustainable Energy

Contact form

If you would like individual advice on any of the topics listed above then please complete this form a we can arrange an appointment with you.

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